Love Poetry: Ineffable Love

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The dawn welcomes a life, filled with agitation.

The Giver never fails to sustain until fully fledged.

….She grows, plays, enjoys, blooms!

Knows only one thing:

… She’s loved in which she alone can tell.

An innocent lass, enjoying freely a joyous notion will last.

When young, everything is desirous. A mind hard to twist, turn to impulses.

A demure asset invites paramours.

Several swains flock eagerly,  captured by your charm.


How can you elude the pursuers?

Can you silence your heart?

…No! There’s nothing you can do!

…She listens! Follows her whims!

An evident limerence, captured her heart.

Once a fondness now a warmth intimacy.

Exchanging vows could never be the same when it’s your first.

The  attachment and union was intense. Produces a life that binds the hearts.


…Love shatters!

Why should love be tested?

Why should lovers be crushed?

Once you are at the pedestal, now you’re his option.

Your name a song to his ears, now an annoying gong.

A  beloved partner  inflame by deceit and lies.

A passionately shared abode now a nest of a lonesome fighter.


Then you remember Someone!

…because you need a knight to fight for you, to stand for you, to listen, for sympathy and love.

Dumb for long, never called when He’s always near to you!

Blinded by allure and lies, never saw and felt  His presence in you.

Enslave by deceit and pain, ignored His goodness and prompts.

A broken heart, now a chance to mind a  steadfast love.


Your journey gives a reason to return to your first love.

His indescribable Being never abandons you.

His love is beyond words, beyond limits.

…His love is ineffable.



Note: The image of Jesus was taken from the book “Heaven is Real”. Thank you SparkPost photos application for making my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures. This is an original work and subject for copyright.