When to have a closure in a relationship?

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Ending is not a good thing to expect to any event in your life. People might have mixed feelings of reactions whenever they face a closure. This is a very thing that nobody really wants. When and what’s the bases of getting a closure?

In every relationship there’s really an occurrence of unexpected and undesirable situations. It somewhat like affirming that there’s no such perfect relationship. Whenever you enter to any commitment, there’s no assurance it will last as you desired. When it happens, are you ready to accept? Can you identify when to end the bond? Or is there really an end of it?

Acceptance, is the key to this issue to end. Once ready to accept what you’ve been seen, heard and known about deceitful and unacceptable acts then time to decide. Acceptance comes with supporting evidence of truth. The grounds should be from your first hand experiences. Not influenced by anyone or anything. Not even the results of your own lies and unfaithfulness too. Acceptance is only in the one side action of betrayal not because of your issues of cheating. It’s another thing to think of closure when the problem lies in you. We’re speaking here of a closure idea which is not in your faults. So then, can you identify when to end your relationship?

The cause of false identity, daily arguments, fights and misunderstandings are just a secondary issues. Acceptance of each other’s differences can usher not to closure. These are issues usually visible to a new relationship. Give each other a chance to grow and to flourish a desired relationship. These are helpful in growing mature together while into the ups and down status. Just make it sure love and understanding prevail. Follow the truth in this verse for both of you to endure.

” Be ye angry and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: neither give place to the devil… and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, in whom ye were sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath, anger , clamor, and railing be put away from you, with all malice and be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving each other even as God also in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:27, 30-32.

The cause of being a law breaker has complex reasons. There might be a times that the relationship is compromised because of one’s action towards breaking a rule of the land. Proven guilty or not, beyond any reasons, stay with each others. This ground needs a greater understanding and love to keep the relationship. This is same with having a test of sickness. When disease strike the other, even death and poverty, are not a reasons to find a closure in a relationship. This is the right time to be true to your vows. Yes for better or for worst you will stay together.

To put closure to a relationship needs a rigid truthful scrutiny of the facts. Start from the degree of the cause. Is the cause a third party? Adultery? Infidelity? These brought so much pain and heartbreak. It shattered commitment, love and trust. The blessed vow once uttered was greatly denied and broken. A total neglect of your feelings. These grounds are major blow that lead to a real closure. End before it brings damage to both of your self.

Red Flags in a Relationship

When sin entered in the relationship...

It controls the reasons of the mind and fade away the love in the heart.

It makes your thoughts unreal to cover up even their small lies being made.

It drives the focus away from you, says and sees negative ideas towards you.

Slowly takes the attention on things you’re not a part of.

It makes easy to take you for granted and hurt your feelings abruptly.

It doesn’t mind checking up on you for hours, days, to months and years of cold treatment.

Even forsaking your presence as if you’re invisible in the relationship.

It makes a minute spent with you a burden that should not be rendered for long.

It’s been God’s design for marriage to be good. The Bible even confirmed that “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9. He wants it not to be destroyed. Yet we know that the enemy (satan) keeps on subduing human race. Inflicting sin to destroy by all means the good creation and turn that love to enslavement for lust, fornication and self gratification of any forms. that dominion goes beyond the human race to governing the sacredness of marriage. Yes this spiritual war is greatly present in any kinds of relationships. A family is a foundation of human race and this is the main target of the enemy. When the union allows God’s presence be part of it, then the enemy has no room in any bonds.

The best time to bring into closure a thing is when sin totally in full control. When in an abusive and egocentric (narcissistic) partner, you must save what’s left in you. That love and respect to your self is your precious treasure. Remember you are made by a loving Creator and saved by the precious blood of Jesus. No one has the right to dismantle your heart and break you into pieces. When that happens, Jesus will always be the answer to form the puzzle back in your life. A closure of a relationship is not an end of your life. It’s a beginning of a new direction in your journey. Start again with Jesus by your side!


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