The love that was…


The old facade turn into a ravishing lovers lane.

There’s always an enchanting music in the air.

Never seen and felt such sensational with her before.

Never imagine, she turned to a stunning lady.

Is this what love can do?

Then , I want someday it will be mine too.

Will their union last forever?

Then, I wish I’ll obtain such union too.


It’s been awhile, alone in the same place.

Yet happy whenever I remember her with that event of her life.

Never saw her for a long time, thoughts of her awaken my heart.

I know she is happy wrapped by his beloved arms.

Wish someday I’m on her shoes, finding someone worthy of my love.


Suddenly! I heard an abandoned baby like weeping near our favorite hangout.

This time it turned to a gloomy surrounding. Startled! it was her.

With complete silence, I felt the speedy beat of my heart.

Why , why? the only word I uttered.

I was saddened that my body seemed frozen.

It was just an hour I was filled in awe of the love I’ve dreamt of.

The once joyous heart was filled with agony.

The once sparkling eyes now a teary eyes.

A heart filled with love turned to misery.

The best I can do is be her crying shoulder.

I felt the intense sorrow of her heart, beaten , dismantled and in grief.

I listened for a long time to her lamentation until I heard no more.

Her tears dried up and shriveled.

It ended everything.

MRcEV …. Inspirational

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