Becoming a martyr in a relationship: what to do?

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So much in life bring so much stress in a relationship. Though not been observed at the first steps into marriage by others but for some it’s already visible at the start of it. Haven’t you really wonder about the true colors of this union? Marriage was defined in so many ways based on one’s encounter with it!

The hidden identity of marriage caused one to be a martyr. Here’s a heart who cling to all of us for release and dwelling of comfort. May as you watch the video here, you’ll embrace the struggles and pain one has encountered in her love journey. May it inspires a glimpse of your own dealings on your relationship.

No other response we can give to a beaten and fighting heart but to listen and pray. In every search of love by a woman there’s always a prize to pay. You have no hold of what love can offer to you but give your all on it. It’s more rewarding if it’s your best that was rendered in a shattered relationship, rather than end up regretting.

This platform tries to bring Jesus more closer to both hearts who are in a relationship. A lot of answers He can offer to a martyr heart. Keep your heart pure as you give it to the one you love. Always be inspired, be uplifted and be happy.

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