Unspoken love… a silence of the heart!

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Voices are powerful the more if it’s unspoken. People are inclined to hearing a variety of voices and sounds. Even an innocent baby tries to be known and seen by just showing gestures and cries. Nobody should be left alone unheard and unseen if only mankind are mindful and selfless. Haven’t you listen to the real message of someone who’s hardly been given a chance to be heard?

People are becoming complex as the world around them changes. With the emerging of technology, every minute of their lives were influenced by it. One would even sit alone and endure not conversing the whole day. In this, what suffer the most is the communication in which love takes it’s avenue to be known.

What makes love unspoken?

One will have a hard time speaking out the message of the heart if you’re hiding something. A guilt feeling and sin shut up all reasons to speak. For motives of the heart hinder one to open up, if not lead one to deception for escape of being known. Others prefer not to speak up in order not to be blamed and caused any troubles. In this way love suffers in hearts who are into relationship.

There are lots of love languages in which you can let your love be known. For even a deaf and mute has their own sign languages to convey the message of their hearts . A gestures, facial expressions and your body movements have so much meanings to one with feelings towards another. These are just basic start of one who is in love. A heart full of love cares a lot. Love is not limited in actions, it goes beyond words. For it is understood even without being spoken or uttered.

Unspoken love is very dangerous.

Once love was not accepted, reciprocated and valued, it stops to be known. A heart with so much love and betrayed urged the heart to silence. This silence is what makes it dangerous. The voices of silence are loud and clear when your alone. Darkness covers the silenced heart and could become its sanctuary. The pain enables one to detached and find comfort in the silence of the heart. Love becomes unspoken when being silenced by pain. The danger occurs when darkness invade the heart and mind. It will consume within and even caused a pro long or even permanent silence.

Love is hardly been seen and felt now a days. The emerging of technology glued anyone and caused them to become heartless, selfish beings. This is the enemy’s “evil” plan all along. Even the reality of poverty and health issues can narrow down ones focus to self. When dangers are prevalent, fear is a loud voice to hear than love. When evil induced lies been followed everywhere by majority love could barely be seen and heard. This made anyone deaf, lifeless walking around as worst than a robot. An unspoken love of a heart which is silenced by fear made this world a slave to darkness! Deception can silence anyone and can lead to his death!

The song video below speaks of the voice of silence. Unspoken message is same as voice of silence. Silence itself is a message. It has a lot of meanings. Sometimes silence is powerful than uttered words. It could even break a weak and selfish love. Silence is characterized not as something positive and peaceful, but as an enemy that must be fought in order to get rid of moral numbness and regain some sort of unity and togetherness.

Everyone has a message to tell and to share. If you do nothing, if you stay silent, you are allowing and enabling all that is wrong to consume the love in your heart. Giving a chance for the enemy to conquer your heart is truly weak and faithless. Don’t let others steal the joy inside you, and silenced your heart. When no one understands your unspoken messages of the heart, when there’s no way of letting it out JESUS is there, who listens to any voices either in silence or not. Nothing is hidden from Him, He will make everything known in public in due time. When there’s so much you’ve seen, heard , felt and your heart can’t bare, silence should never be an option! Remember a real love makes its way to be known even against all odds.

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Note: Pictures credit to David Avocado Wolfe telegram channel.