Beyond the Pruning “in life”

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In life we are hard pressed on every side and struck down to the point of giving up.  Questions are crowded in every corner of our minds. We think if there’s one greatly crushed than us. Yes, and it never stops to experience the cutting and pruning for life.  Why is it needed for the plant to undergo such scraping, scouring and pruning? What’s the benefits of under going such things?

The plant, yes, that entity that is obvious around you, who gives beauty and freshness is horribly experienced  pain. Sometimes you just pass by, ignoring the more if it’s not been in good shape. So it rather undergoes  the cutting and pruning to achieve the beauty and fruits every  one desire to see.  It will be more pleasing and productive for a plant after the thorough process of pruning. Broken to be made new.

Why is it needed  to be pruned? A question we utter in despair too!  Why we should go through the mess and wrecks of life? Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts, like branches, leaves, blooms and roots.  Cutting  the living, dying or dead plants parts. A plant should be pruned regularly with a sharp scissors or gardening shears. Cut back overgrown branches and stems on the plants to promote healthy plant growth, but regular improper pruning may cause damaged or weakened plants.

Right ways of pruning must be observed by a real and caring gardener: avoid cutting too close or steep  or the bud may die. Make thinning cuts just above parent or side branches and roughly parallel to them, and be mindful of their growth season to avoid removing unopened buds.

We don’t want to imagine the regular feeling of letting the edge of the scissors touch our skin. Perceive every bits the bleeding of cuts, which  liven our  desire  to belong, to be known and to be valued. Seeing the gardener coming with sharpen scissors eager to cleanse us from impurities is a total dreadful scene. The moment a sharp scissors slowly trims your unwanted being is inconceivable. The  torment of plucking and extracting the  parts bring separation because you are considered dead and nonessential. Should we hesitate? Enraged? Fight? Argue? Complain? Revenge? The dilemma that only you and the Gardener understand. 


The good side beyond the pruning is remarkable. It is basic in maintaining plant health, improving quality, training the plant and restricting growth hazards.  Would you allow the Gardener cut away the barren futile bits in you? To trim the overgrown pride, and insensitivity? To train  for right growth direction? To twist, and cut the perils for your safety?  Beyond the wretched state of pruning, is a promised life. The  need to be beaten and crushed is hard to grasp by the finite mind. We should cling to the hope that the beauty of the plant appears after  all the workings. Make it sure the real Gardener deals with you. Beyond all these, as He promised! we will survive! Enjoy the Gardener’s work in you!                MRcEV