How Can You Say Hello, When You Can’t Say Goodbye?

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In life, there are lots of things that need to let go. There are people that we need to forget in order to keep on living.  Even things we treasured must go away in exchange for a better one. When this dilemma will  happen are you ready to say goodbye? Will you say goodbye to what is dear to you? Is there fear in saying goodbye?  Will you be ready to say hello to new things and people in your life? What’s the connection of saying goodbye to saying hello in your life?

Why is a baby or a child always cries when a mother left him/her? Why is a dog always follows you in fear that you gonna leave?  Everyone are so much attach with someone. The family covers your whole life, they are the people you dearly loved. Your friends, your pets, your work, and even the things that you labored to achieved are very dear to your heart. Most of all the one subject to your heart’s affection is the one you will ever fight to be with. That is the reality we are all facing. What will happen  when changes occurs drastically? The most tragic is when your heart suffers greatly because of the separation. Always try to do something but  If there’s nothing you can do to stop accept the reality of life.


How can you say goodbye? Acceptance will ease all the pain in your heart. Accept that there are things out of your control that needs to be gone for you to grow. Contentment of what you only have. Be content to what is only intended  for you and wait for the much better one. Colossians3:2 ” Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”  This verse is the best remedy for acceptance and contentment. Forgiveness will truly help you set free. When it breaks your heart, don’t let it destroy your soul. Forgive in order for you to be released. Colossians 3:13″ Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”  Saying goodbye should not be a breaking event. Acceptance, contentment and forgiveness fave the way for a meaningful separations.

When are you ready to say hello?  Letting go of what you can’t have, prepares you in welcoming new opportunities and people in your life. It’s so easy to say hello when you are already ready to say goodbye. The Lord will never let you leave something when your heart still clings to it.  He will never let you pass a new way unless you are settled to leave what is behind you. By trusting  Him will make you ready to say hello. Let your heart be pure and blameless  before stepping to a new heights of your life. Colossians3:15 “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace and be thankful.”  Let the peace and  a thankful heart lead you to your new life. Say goodbye with a thankful heart and utter hello with hope to open a bright future. 


There are much to be thankful for everything that is in your hand. Do and give your best to keep holding it,  but when it’s out of grasp don’t grab for it.  He is opening your hand to get something better. Make it sure the blame is not in you when goodbyes happen.  Goodbye is not the end, it’s just merely the start of new beginnings. There are reasons of saying goodbyes, and promises of saying hellos. The Lord will prepare your heart for the future while He comforts your past. Prove that you can really say goodbye and be truly happy to say hello.          (MRCE)

Saying hello and goodbye (video)

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