Every Child Deserves Freedom. Be their voice!

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In this world dominated by heartless evil people, hurting a child is just ordinary thing and normal exercise of their self gratifications. For a God fearing one, it will cause so much heart aches to see these children suffered innocently and powerlessly in the hands of these cruel minions of satan. Haven’t you cared to be counted in this pursuit of rescuing these children?

Thank God for there’s one of those groups who take their love to action for these voiceless children. Warrior Bride Ministries is a faith-based organization that uses biblical healing and restoration methods to walk survivors of childhood sexual exploitation into freedom. The use of children are for evil gains of both sides of the predators. Children were pass on to foster homes systems, used for sex trafficking. Where CPS “Child Protective Services” is preying ON kids, Warrior Bride Ministries is RESCUING kids. Warrior Bride Ministries used their expertise in healing children who were victimized in Satanic Ritual Abuse. https://warriorbrideministries.com/.


In this end times generation all are inflicted by the evil system. Even children are the most vulnerable and inhumanely abused, tortured and preyed to these satanic predators. Can’t you imagined how they shouted for help calling their mothers while in pain? Can’t you imagine at the very young age they became a mother when they themselves never felt the love of a mother? At their age seeing their very own flesh killed and tortured as well? Hell for you demonic minions, politicians and elites! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED FOR GOD HEARS LOUDLY THE CRIES OF THE INNOCENTS. For JESUS cared and love these little children that He longed for them to be by His side enjoying their freedom. Jesus is passing on to you the mandates… Do something if you have a heart! Save the innocents. Be their voice!

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 NIV

May 10, 2022 / A poem By Eliana Brooks Eliana Brooks – Warrior Bride Ministries

Be with me, please.

Can I trust you with my pain?
To treat it with kindness and respect?
To listen to it, so I can speak the unspoken?
Will you help me catch my tears as the floodgates open?
Swim with me into the unknown?
Save me from drowning in my own sorrow?
If I entrust you with my grief, will you help me take care of it?
Console it?
Soothe it?
Make it feel safe?
Will you accept it as a gift to be protected?
I feel my need and I fear it,
as I fear all that I do not understand.
Yet I’m asking you to be with me, for I’m tired of walking alone.