My Hearts Speaks…How to Understand and listen to Your Heart?

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Heart is Life. Accept it or not life is determined by the nature of ones heart. Sometimes people tend to just cover ups what they feel, but the outside impact of the heart is visible. No one can control what the heart wants to convey, maybe for the meantime one can, but not for rest of ones life.

Three  things to help us understand and listen to the messages of our own heart .IMG_2490

  1. UNDERSTAND IT PHYSICALLY. As part of our physical body  we can’t control it’s function. The heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. According to Johnny Depp: “If you can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.” Understand that  heart is out of your control, you can’t dictate what you feel but you  can control your reaction on your feelings. Listen to what your heart feels but don’t separate your heart from other body functions. Understand them by collaboration. In that what you feel affects the function of the entire body. To understand your heart is understanding the whole of you.
  2. THE HEART is INTENDED for SOMEONE.  There will always be a subject of your heart. It beats for only one, and even affected it’s feeling by that one.  You can’t control who will own your heart, but you can decide if you want that one to be part of your heart.  Someone will fit exactly in your heart, but the choice to welcome that one is within you.  If there is someone intended for your heart to show affection,  there will also be a perfect OWNER of your heart.  Don’t forget the Creator of it, He should be the center of everything in your heart.


Understand your heart by knowing what is in abundance that you treasure in there. The motives of your heart will reflect the output of it. Whatever the things that controls your heart  your mouth will speak of it. What is inside you will be known by what is coming out of you.If your heart is full of hatred, all bitterness in life is seen in you, but if your heart is full of joy  then love  is visible in everything you do. So then be responsible in maintaining the goodness of your heart. Always remember to give a place of the CREATOR  in your heart,  give Him a chance to control and cleanse it so that you will be assured  to have a good and clean heart. For He can give you a good things to treasure in your heart to bring out that which is good.

Understand your heart physically, it is intended also for someone and most of all understand the real condition inside your heart. No one can listen  to your heart’s plea but only you. Listen and Understand it with the CREATOR’s help…………….MRcE


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