Why Does Rainbow Appears After The Rain?

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That was one of my 3rd grade student question  on our Science class.  Are you wondering about it? Or been amazed by this wonder of creation also? The nature has its answers in every  changes and movement it occurs.  The creator has planned wonderfully everything around us. What’s the connection of  the Rainbow appearance to our very own life?  What’s the impact of this process to us? Can we relate our very own life’s situation with it? Can we be like a 3rd grade student wondering  how does it appears and changes our life?


Why does Rainbow appears only after the Rain?  When it rain , the air in the atmosphere above  will be filled with raindrops.  These raindrops continue to  turn to  tiny water droplets. After the rain, the sun shows up and  when the rays of light from the sun hits the water droplets rainbows appears.  The sunlight when it enters the droplets of water it separate into  different colors. The water droplets serve as a prism or a glass for the sunlight to reflect with. The light bended and bounced back that made rainbow possible. For my students lesson these are the process of Reflection and Refraction of light.

What is rain for? Heavy rain brought problems for some who are not ready for it and in no capacity to receive the great impact a  storm or heavy rain caused.  Possible result is advantage for everyone and everything in nature. Green surrounding is great when it rain.  Rain  sometimes soothe ones feeling, and allows you to take a halt  to rest from  a days work.




What’s the impact to us of the rainbow appearing after rain? In life, we all experience the good and the bad effects of rain. There might be different struggles and sorrows it brings to all. Problems,  sickness, hardships, distress, misfortune whatever it is , these adversities can be likened to a great storm, hurricane, typhoons in your life. The good thing is after all of these hope still prevails, like a rainbow which  appears wonderfully after the rain. We all need the rain for through it we all reminded of God’s faithfulness. 2 Samuel 23:4 “…He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth.”  After the  storm of life the Lord allows the brightness of the rainbow after the rain  and made the grass , plants grow and bloom.  Your tears will serve as the prism that reflects the sunlight and brings different colors in your life. Through that tears your life will bloom after all. There can be no rainbows as hope in your life, if there’s no tears as raindrops in the atmosphere.


The Lord is very mindful of everything that’s happening in your life. He sees every details of your tears  as  rain and hears every cries of your heart as thunder that  strongly roars. With that, God creates the rainbow, so  that after all you’ve been through you will still shine and grow stronger. In life, we need the rain to remind us of God’s faithfulness and expect for rainbows as God’s promises. Be always ready to face any forms of rain in your life. There can be no rainbows when there is no rain. There is bright, colorful and fruitful life after the rain. Remember, He has created everything even the rain and rainbows for you.  Enjoy while in the rain.                    (MRCE)


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