What More Could Jesus Do?

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It’s so easy to identify a needy person with an affluent; to compare a sluggish with a brilliant; a sick with a healthy, but hard to examine the demands they’re trying to expose. There is something in one’s mind that wishes for his life must be and must not be. Everyone wishes and demands for his good. The demands that could even reach the heart of the Saviour. Would you wish Jesus could have done more for you? Would you demand a lot from Him being your Saviour? How far would Jesus go for you? What more could He do? We can dig deeper to this by dissecting two things: your demands and Jesus’ demands.


Your demands. Success and failures apparently happen by chances or by ones own actions. If it’s by luck it would not last, if it’s by action of faith it would be enduring and unfaltering. You only demand something when your life is at fault. You wish for a good job to sustain your family. A lasting relationship is everyone’s aim. Un defective health for you to go on living. You might even ask: What if Jesus just stayed cause we need a real hero? Could He just answer prayers without hardships in man’s part? Most of the unnecessary things you only got to see when you are at the end of your rope. The reality you enjoyed the good side of life first before turning to Him when it’s already ruined. The tendency is you only remember the Saviour when He’s needed. Man demands a lot from Him whenever his expectations fail. A hundred times you turn your back to Him when you’re in comfort but a thousand times He gets near and catches you. Ephesians 1:7 “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” With the abundance of His love and grace your demands are fulfilled.


Jesus’ demands. Haven’t you wondered if Jesus having a hard times too? Did He ever complained and disobeyed because of suffering? Luke 22:24 ” Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” He wished to let it not happened. His love is so great for you that He could not demand to be spared with the agony. His thoughts and heart were centered on you even if He had greatly suffered. He could have escaped the tremendous persecution, He could have called His angels to bear the cross and fight for Him. There are more He can do to escaped the hardships and sufferings but He chose not to. He left temporarily the splendor of the kingdom just to undergo the misery which is intended for you. His only demand is for mankind to love Him with all their hearts. If what His done still not enough, for sure He’ll do it again just to win your heart.


What is man that He cares so much for? Our obscurities could lead Him to abandoned us, but none can stop Him from doing what is best for us. What more could He do? Yes He can do more to love us. He can bless us more abundantly. This is possible because He feels and understands what we’re going through. He had nailed all our names in His hands, now He demands nothing but to etched His name deeply in our hearts. He has done everything for us because of His love, now let’s do our part. There are more He can do for you and me. Enjoy and be amazed by it.


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