How Does Your “Mustard Seed” Faith Works?

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Little things exist for a reason. They might be unnoticed and neglected, but gives overwhelming results when maximize. Everyone put their faith to something they believed existed and will happen.  Your belief is characterized either how huge and tiny it would be.  How does your faith works? Does the size of your faith matters? What’s a “mustard seed” faith?



A rescuer is badly needed when one gets to a tough situation in his life. There’s a tendency to cling to anything just to get through of it all. When I was on this dilemma, I only ask for if I could have  just a little faith to Him would do.  I’ve heard all those truths about faith that can move even mountains.  I felt inadequate to such  huge one so just aim for what is enough for me to achieve.  A mustard seed is like a little seed of faith. With fear and anticipation, I ask for  that “mustard seed ” faith.

What is a “mustard seed” faith?  Mark 4:30-32 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants. With such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”  People  might ignore the smallest seed and even stepping on it. It might not be relevant at first, cause you will experience a lot of testing while planting the seed. Once your seed of  faith grows it becomes the largest and the most useful plant.  A humble small beginnings when given fully to the Gardener will bloom tremendously.


How does a “mustard seed” faith works?  Hebrews 11:1 “…Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  You believe in Someone you don’t really see.  You can’t be in great awe of Him  if you don’t have a personal encounter with Him. You can’t be devoted and trust Him if His Words are not planted in your hearts. This tiny seed of faith will have an impact if you allow what a real Gardener does to His plants. In life there will be trimming, cutting, pruning and digging before your relationship with the Lord flourish. . There will always be hardships, and troubles in families. Pains, betrayal, deception, abuse and treachery will strike any relationship. Struggles, poverty and sickness may block your growth. When you’re obedient to His working, slowly the Lord will reveal Himself to you. Without noticing it your love to Him  is growing deeper each day. That tiny seed of faith in your heart grows into a tree because of His love. 

Why a “mustard seed” faith?  When Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 14:31… “you  of little faith” , He then was ready to rescued him from drowning in the troubled sea.  When He also rebuked the disciples in Matthew 17: 20  of having little faith because they can’t cast out demons, He immediately rescued the needy man.  I may be like them, but if Jesus is right away besides me I will ever treasure that size of faith.  I would rather be completely helpless and powerless for Him to rescue me and to keep me beside Him. Yes a “mustard seed” faith is a total surrender of your heart where there are fears , sin, nothingness and incompetent to Him.  Even this size of faith can  accomplish much. The size of a mustard seed faith is better than no faith at all.


The Lord can do much  with your mustard seed faith. He knows your capabilities. He sees directly into your hearts. Your mustard seed faith matters a lot to Him. Big things start from small ones, but don’t be content only for that. A faith without work is dead. Allow  for growth and  cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Shield  your mustard seed faith with Jesus’ love. Is your little faith working? Will you make your mustard seed faith  grow? Ask  for it and pray for your little faith to be active.        MRcE


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