Why Hide Your Light?

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Who among you is afraid of darkness? Most of us really don’t like to be in a dark. The connotation that many bad things happen when in dark. With a single glimpse of light will drive one crazy away from darkness. Light is very important, but sometimes everyone neglects letting the light shines.  What causes someone to hide it? Why others choose to just keep it? How should one keep the light shining?

Light is a medium that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Life is chaotic and no direction when it misses the light. You don’t need to struggle finding and keeping the light. When Jesus died He had already made it available to all. Once He had the control of your heart light was brought into your life.  Darkness has no power over you anymore. Yet when put in a situation were your job, status, reputation and anything you value will be at stake you easily hide it. Why compromise the light within you?

Fear is the number one that’s hard to deny. When you love your family, you want the best for them and fear of the future controls that you compromise everything. When you entertain fear, you also welcome compromises. Don’t bargain your being a christian to the world.  It would be easy to justify what is wrong when you already trade in the light. Choosing to give up the light can twist the truth and brings division. The consequences will be real, you already hurt someone. Fear and compromises threatened the light within you. It’s not an excuse to trade in the light you received for the people you loved. It’s more fearful and hurting to be in darkness than having hardship and pain in your heart.


Faith should not be compromised as well. When your faith is not enough on what you’re holding you can’t keep it for long. You can’t hold on something if you don’t believe it can keep you from darkness. A light should leads you the way, lightens the minds and keep you from dangers. Like a candle, don’t let it consume itself and brings darkness to everyone in your life. Stay near the Light bearer for Him to keep you lighted. Your faith will keep the light sparkles and to stand still when the rushing wind strikes.

Why is the light essential? If you acknowledge the Light giver you then desire to please Him.  When you are in total darkness and light came what would you Feel? Would you be happy to see the way and have hope? In Matthew 5:16 …If the light is important to you, you will be proud to show it. To let it glow in the dark. If the light brings good things, you will be excited to let people know. Let your heart speak if there are so much good things He has done in there for them to see the light. You are leading others the right way to the Savior if you keep it shining. Don’t be afraid if you will be judged, actually you are not the one shining it’s the Lord. 


You can’t hide the light when in darkness, only if you turn it off.  It shines brightly and brings hope.  Jesus came to bring the Light to the darkened heart. Sin cause impurities to doomed your heart. Once He cleansed it, brightness and hope abound. When fear and unbelief threaten you, do not compromise the light within you. He has always prepares answers for your troubled heart. Hiding the light is turning your back from Him. Let your light gleam in darkness. Keep it lighted!                     MRcE


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