How to Get Rid With the Pain in Your Heart?

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You have a heart if you been hurt.  Millions of people giving love everyday in exchange for happiness. With no assurance of heartaches free, they succumb to the love games. The heart suffers with pain. A lot of factors could struck the heart. Let’s consider what affects the heart and ways to combat the battles in there. Why the heart suffers pain? How to ease the pain? One must learn these facts because when you love someone you’re  prone to heartaches.

Why the heart suffers pain? Anything bad happened is due to the motive of the heart that leads to actions.  To satisfy your wants; you fill in the different desires of the body organs. The tummy, eyes, ears, material things, self and sex gratification demands a lot from you.  Purposely achieving them can suffer the heart. Physical  pain of diseases are evident of these struggles.  There’s pain whenever you miss the needed care of your body. 


Aside from the physical there’s also the emotional pain. When you love it’s not a guarantee that it’s all joy and no pain. Because you can’t truly love until you’re hurt. The pain in your heart happens if the love is not reciprocated. The pain grows if betrayal occurs. It could be very painful  because you give a complete trust and devotion. Your heart can recover faster if the blame is not in you.  Emotional pain is static and intense but physical pain is a faith fierce adversity. The heart suffers more if pain is unattended.

How to ease the pain in your heart?  UNLOAD and empty your heart from all the bitterness, hatred, self pity and fear. All these will keep on haunting you and intensify the pain if all continue to stay in the heart.  Give a moment for yourself to release your feelings even when alone. Get rid the pain by expressing it out without hurting yourself and others.  Embrace and face the pain and it will flee from you. Cry out to the Lord for your heart to be strong.


RE FOCUS your life and find a new perspectives. You’re not living for just a particular person and for that sickness forever. There is more He can offer you, pain is just an initial test in a soldier’s journey. A wounded soldier never gives up, but strives to win the battle.  RE FUEL  your strength from your family and friends. Surround yourself with positivity and brighten  your day with gospel songs or heart warming music. Let the Lord refuel your heart, for you to help uplift others. You cannot love once more unless you’re filled with His love. You can’t be whole again from the battle of sickness unless you are cleansed and healed. The One who once suffered from great pain, He is capable of restoring anyone who came for help.

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RESTART  a new life. Forgive for you to keep moving. No one can truly leave someone behind unless you can turn back and smile for the mess.  Accept the sickness and live victoriously within for the physical is just perishable. This is not your work alone, but by His grace all things is possible. Once you settled your heart do the turning point, live above the pain with Him. Pain is always there conquer it with His love.


You can never overcome pain unless someone will take it instead. His waiting with open arms to anyone.  Submit and allow Him to clean  all the impurities that inflict your  heart and body.  Psalms 34:18  ” The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  He could not bear seeing anyone suffers. He had conquered all the afflictions, there is no greater problem, deeper pain and hurtful sickness that He didn’t felt and seen. You have a choice, own your misery or give Him the full control of your life. He is the answer to your pain. Jesus wants you to be happy.                      MRCE


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