When in Abyss

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What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out?


I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, 'till succumb again to the enchantment  of sleep.

Alone and barefoot, walking along an old abandoned pathway.

My heart beats faster, wonder where this travail would lead me.

Pass by a lot of thorny bushes, crawling grasses and strange voices.

After that twitchy rout, seeing the end is a cliff. 

Near the edge, I want to go back or keep going?

Trap by this dilemma, is chaotic than the first journey.

Urge by the needs, I'm going to the unknown.....FREE FALL!

Brave, yet coward to face what's underneath.


Grasping for breath while diving down the water;

Feel the struggle within, the perils of the sea are haunting me.

Wish I just turn back and take another route.

This is the reality: alone with misery and intense agony.

IMG_2637 2


It's getting darker, while going deeper into the unknown.

Helpless and hopeless I feel bursting, slowly giving up the strength.

Suddenly! I remember ONE name, this fuel up my consciousness.

With this, a prism of LIGHT is glimmering around the chasm.







I tap unexpectedly my face, my eyes wide open.

Awake but still lying down, my thoughts wonder.

Recalling where I stopped, saw myself near the shore.

It's more beautiful up here, peaceful and full of hope.


... Honestly, I'm still ready for another night mare for me to know how I grow in the LIGHT.




There's always a way out when in abyss.

The LIGHT is faithful to shine and lead the way for you.

He brings hope and life to anyone who embraces the LIGHT.

Conquer your misery while passing by the abyss, remember...

You are not alone.           MRCE


Note: This is an original works and subject for copyright. Pictyres credit to the Adobe Spark Post  application.

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