What’s Behind Your Tears?

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Tears convey various meanings. Crying is a medium babies use to let you understand their feelings. To let their needs and wants known. In this, they are very good in achieving and getting your attention. Crying is shedding of tears. Can anyone cry without a tears? What made you cry? What’s the benefit of crying?

Sometimes a person uses crying to manipulate others. A tendency to be like a child with no ways to attract attention. But without a real feeling tears are hard to flow. There’s crying without a tears only with a voice, that’s a fake weep. Emotional tears start in the brain where different feelings registered. The endocrine triggered and release hormones that causes tears. Tears come from Lacrimal gland near next to eyeball. When it secretes, it produces tears and excrete to drains tears. 


Tears  happen in response to strong emotions. You can’t fake tears, when your brain knows what you feel it honestly registered and strongly pass on the message. The glands in your eyes secrets protein and salty fluids, if it can’t contain it excrete, so tears fall out in your eyes. Tears is your honest response to heart’s struggles. Male tear ducts are larger than female, so it hardly filled. That’s why their tears barely come out. This wonder of creation is meant to be understood. Males are created to show strong emotions, to be a crying shoulders. Females are not weak but the ones whose duct glands easily filled, so tears shed right away.

One may experience stress, pleasures, happiness, anger, sadness, sufferings and pains. These are the conditions that will bring you in tears. Anyone can burst out when in great traumatic event. A heart breaks, health ordeals, and so much unmet expectations. Let your eyes be your outlet but never allow your inner self be defeated. Cry it out, express your  inner out but not breaking your heart. 

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There are effects of crying. Your heart rate increases, you sweat, breathing slows, and a lump in your throat because the drainage organ are filled with fluids. The good thing is: It helps maintain the eyes healthy, keeping the eyeball moist, nourish and protected. The more you shed tears, the more stronger the emotion. It cleanses your eyes and let you see clearly everything that causes your tears. A good cry is needed to be released from what controls and defiles your heart. Weep for worthy things but save your tears to what can build you up.

Don’t be downcast when you go through so much crying, even Jesus cried too. He burst and cried out in blood by begging to be spared from the agony that he greatly endured. Letting your heart out by crying is your way of understanding the pain, but only Him can heal the pain.  Whatever the cause of your tears let it not defeat you inwardly. There’s an end for suffering. He will wipe away your tears, for He  cares with one in affliction. Behind your tears is His love, hope, strength, and your courage. Just let your tears flow. You can cry outside but keep the joy inside. Shield it with His love!                Mrcev



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