Unanswered Questions

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The art to question is what makes life active. Not just one but millions of individuals long for answers. Even a child’s mind already been engulf by wonders. As you age a lot more of queries develops in your minds. What drives you to demand for answers? Why question only when it turns bad for you? To whom are you really questioning? These are questions that grill your thoughts. Would you try to answer your own questions? Why not cross examine  them? 

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Why question only when everything turns bad for you? Humanity are incline to what is good and pleasing to their urges and impulses. When it’s not desirous they lament, doubt and question. They tend to refuse the fact that life has its ups and downs. Their  journey must undergo a straight and rough roads. Your heart must experience happiness and pains. The physical must endure the damages and abuses it received. Your thoughts must sustain the sanctions and dilemmas that control  it.  Be calmed by this: there is always amazing good happens even in your bad times. Why not inquire too when you’re in good times?


What drives you to demand for answers? Facts revealed are the start of questioning. When the reality is unacceptable you demand for good answers. The real unlikely situation brought your mind to urge for a better change. The truth in front of you doesn’t need to be questioned but needs to be accepted. Bloom’s Taxonomy shows how the facts develop and turn to something. At first, you saw the truth, remembered the facts . The first glance of it brings confusions when it is negative but when good never it affects you.  Second, Understanding to it is a must.  Understanding brings to acceptance. Third, It’s time to analyze the situation. Focus to the facts presented but never judging. Fourth, evaluate your life. Assess before and after every events. Examine and rate His goodness. Lastly, create something good in return to His goodness in your life. Don’t demand for answers but start understanding life through His love.


To whom are you really questioning? Psalms 10:1 “Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? Why hides thou thyself in times of trouble?” Psalms13:1 “How long will thou forget me, O Lord?  Forever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?”  Would it be obvious that you too,  be liked King David lamented to God. Do we have the right to question the will of the Creator? It’s not for us to question, but it’s a need to have faith in His plan. King David never ended blaming hopelessly the Lord but render with an amazing closure. Psalms 13:6 “I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealth bountifully with me.”  Your questions in life might remain unanswered, but the answers are very clear in His love. Not all of life need to be answered. Trust your questions and have faith to bridge the solutions. To question is a sign of doubt, and doubt is a start of  being faithless. Never ever doubt your Saviour. Enjoy the good  questioning! Patiently wait for His answers.



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