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Inspirational love poetry: A Stubborn Love

It was a divinely start, a state loaded with goodness. A pampered creature with everything on hand. In spite of it all, you eagerly defied an edict. Willfully succumbed to the tempter. ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️ The ménage brought more chaos as it grew. This affliction entangled even to this generation. Without an escape all was caught. A

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The loser who won!

You came… In the midst of uncertainties you baffled. A strange yet splendid, alleviate the fear. A spell one dare not to wake. A madness thought to be an answer.   …You played In the unknown circumstances you ventured. A risky “yes” controlling within. A doubtful “No” wavering judgement. A game without escape perceived to

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How responsible lover are you?

When love month comes, effervescent people are everywhere. This livened the hearts while striking the heartsick. These feelings always evident on this love season. Anyone has all the chances to love and be loved. Would you take the risk of loving? If so, how responsible lover are you? I’ve seen the extents of the consequences

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