Hiraeth…Missing Home

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Christmas is shortly be celebrated. Its spirit  covers everyone along the busy streets.  Are they really happy? Is there one in a million out there with forged joy? Who desires to be home?

Hiraeth…. an odd word that conveys someone who misses home that never really was.

Far away…

Another Christmas day, but conflicting setting.

In a strange locale; alone, struggles for life.

Grappling, Wrestling, Seizing, Brawling!

No one hears your cry.

A man… far away from home. Outlying country for a brood.

White Christmas…

Another day, a remarkable morning.

A mantle of snow; its glacial frosty white adds to grief.

Shine, Glisten, Slide, Blanch!

No one understands your fights.

A man… longing for a home. Contemplating a white  Christmas with  a beloved.


Missing Home…

Another chapter of your life, soon a year ends.

Your family awaits;  home your aspirations.

Strive, Labor, Elude, Endure!

No one sees your efforts.

A man missing a home that you can’t return to or that never was.

A Home for Christmas…

Another to reminisce , recollection of life.

A blessed future, His advent promised.

Dream, Ponder, Believe, Pray!

He listens to your heart.

A homeless man finds a glorious abode in His heart.

His love will bring you home.



Note: Thanks Spark Post application for making my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures.