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What is Christmas this pandemic? An advise on: How to have a simple and meaningful Christmas.

Holiday season is so near and can’t be stopped. When asked, others will say they don’t feel it’s coming. The urge and yearning for the celebration was not the same as last year. With the presence of pandemic, everyone would really be observing it differently. What would Christmas be like this pandemic times? Of course,

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Words worth saying before the year ends

There’s an end for anything that fully exists. End comes because of impermanence. The transience of life and happiness. The world made anyone subject for temporality. With this, would you desire to leave a legacy? As the year 2019 soon to end, what something you want to be remembered?  Something valuable you want to say?

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Hiraeth…Missing Home

Christmas is shortly be celebrated. Its spirit  covers everyone along the busy streets.  Are they really happy? Is there one in a million out there with forged joy? Who desires to be home? Hiraeth…. an odd word that conveys someone who misses home that never really was. Far away… Another Christmas day, but conflicting setting.

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