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What’s New in the New Year?

The closing of the year 2018 is truly unstoppable. Hours, days seems  hurriedly nudging the year to end. Soon everything would be a memory. Are you ready for the new year? Would it really be a different year for you? What’s new in the…

Hiraeth…Missing Home

Christmas is shortly be celebrated. Its spirit  covers everyone along the busy streets.  Are they really happy? Is there one in a million out there with forged joy? Who desires to be home? Hiraeth…. an odd word that conveys someone who misses home that…

When is Christmas Meaningful?

The notion of “Christmas ” means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. The world felt the spirit of Christmas of different degree and time, though others do not celebrate it. Every year, memories of it cherished by some but…

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