Why wearing a mask? In a relationship

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The thought of being alone in the midst of multitudes, diverse and strange people troubled your mind. Even mingling to your friends, co workers and family, can’t alter your self. You’ve mastered pretending tremendously. Who are those usually in a mask? What made you hide yourself with a mask? When can you get rid of this mask?

Anyone can’t live by yourself alone, let us admit it. You need friends to share laughter and gossips. You need family to commit and succor. You need someone to love and be loved. Eventually, the self plays greatly to this course of life. Yet, no one can see clearly who is acting and living out honestly. You alone knows the real you. Are your words and actions mirrored exactly the inner you?

Who are those usually wearing a mask?

A mask is a face covering, worn as a disguise or to amuse and terrify people. When one is not fully happy and contented with life, the craving and dissatisfaction enable one to wear a mask. A beaten heart will likely used a mask when not released and totally moved on. A faithless being cling to it when needed to endure life. Usually a mask becomes a refuge for a weak and coward warrior. Fear, guilt and adversities can made up your mask.


What made you hide yourself with a mask?

When there’s undesired alteration and change, you cover to avoid exposure.

When unacceptable pain and scars evolve, you disguise to be untouched.

When surrounded by fake and unrelatable beings, you strive not to be transparent.

When unexpected bad results and grief-stricken occur, you pretend to amuse instead to be pitied.

Why hide when you can be real!

A masked face covers your life’s reality but a bare face reveals other’s forgery!

Wearing a mask is lying to yourself!

A fake expressions and words are denials in relationships.

When can you get rid of this mask?

Unless you learn to see and accept the real identity of your mask, getting rid of it is not impossible. Your mask hides the image He portrays in you. It’s a complete life distruction! Be His real ambassador, not a loser, fraud, impostor and fictitious creation. Let others see the beauty beyond your imperfections. There is joy after sorrows genuinely revealed don’t engulf to it. Freedom and peace abound when you boldly face fear and adversity. Let Him destroy your self mask.

Accept! Radiate! and Enjoy being Real!



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