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“Advice on : Dealing with fear of Covid 19.” Faith over fear (Video)

Humanity has gone to so much struggles , some are unnoticed but mostly are evident. Could it be just part of life’s journey or a result of a dominion of a greater host’s aim of power and control? One of the great enemy is fear. It’s so powerful that goes deeper inside us and change

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Commitment: How far would you go?

There were excitements and thrills when this thing comes to you. All of your being agree and welcome this event in your life. An undertaking to commit and pledge with your heart and mind. What are those things you most likely to commit? Why dedicate and devote your all? How far would you go? Commitment

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When in Abyss

What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out? …….. I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, ’till succumb again to the enchantment  of sleep.


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