How could love be known when it’s unheard?

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When the world has the loudest banging voices and everyone hooked  to it, could you still identify whose not hearing? In life all are known to be selfish. A tendency to be self-centered and self-absorbed. Pre occupied with one’s own feelings, interests, and not minding how others are feeling. What hinders you to listen to others? How can your love be known when it’s unheard?

This piece of writing was inspired by the undeniably, amazing portrayal of Filipino actors: Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino in the movie (“IsaPa” One More Time With Feelings).

It all started within you! Your own dreams! Your happiness revolves around your sphere of influence and  the very core of your own heart. Until the entirety crumble and totally collapse. Then you turn to once an insignificant critters in your life. Minding now even the wordless and stone deaf gent.

What Hinders you to listen to others?

The world is full of lies, deceits and agony. How can you hear when your heart is suffocated? When you put your self at the pedestal, it governs your sights, reasons and hearings. When you let the pain, fear bitterness engulfed your heart, these will overthrow other  voices. When unreal love prevails, it would be hard to listen to someone’s plea.  Listen to the cry of your own heart first before you can listen to their laments.


How can  your love be known when it’s unheard?

True love is not limited in its scope. It goes beyond words and verbal communication. Its power itches to the deepest core of the heart and burst uncontrollably! It finds its way to be known in various and unique ways. Even the lights and vibrations are consumed. It’s an agony for one when love is hard to convey in unwilling heart. Your task is not only to show it but to let them feel the unconditional love in ways both hearts understand. let your love be known by your honesty and its purity. With that, the language of love revolve.

The melody of hearts is orchestrated when it’s felt.

True love connects in the enchantment of the music dance by both hearts.

An adoration is best express when it radiates in actions.

I rather be deaf than hearing the chaos and lies around!

If silence is the only place where true love immerse, then I will be deaf for you!


No other place to find the sanctity of love but in the silence of both genuine hearts.

Let the Author and King of love governs and fill your empty heart.

In the world full of different and demanding voices, the Cross  will lead  the way for real love to be known.

For when love is hard to  hear, His unconditional love is always be felt!


Note: Photo Credits to the movie “Isa Pa With Feelings” .

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