Words worth saying before the year ends

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There’s an end for anything that fully exists. End comes because of impermanence. The transience of life and happiness. The world made anyone subject for temporality. With this, would you desire to leave a legacy? As the year “2019” soon to end, what something you want to be remembered?  Something valuable you want to say?

In life, a lot of things confuse and trouble your finite mind whether what to do and not to do not just during the holiday season. This does not exempt me to a need of retreat and unwinding. For almost two months I take a halt in writing, but when I butt in and focus to the unseen joy and triumphs, the urge to inspire keep haunting  me. What’s  really your part in this closing year? How can you close this chapter of life in a meaningful way? Can you take part in a rewarding new chapter of life?

You can lay down a bucket list or a wish lists for the new year that befit you, but I recommend only these powerful words worth saying before the year ends.

“Thank You”

Only a grateful heart can say these words with a real facial expressions. Does the year brought joyous and favorable events or unfairness and tragic experiences? Either ways, you still have a lot to be thankful for the whole year. The fact that you come this far, is a reason to mind even those little things made you exist. Your smile is a reflection of a loving, thankful heart. It’s more than saying “thank you”, for it builds life.


“I’m Sorry”

The one that greatly experienced hurt can truly say “I’m sorry” when you aim not to impact same pain to others. Being imperfect, there’s nothing wrong in saying sorry.  It’s a release to your part and a burden lies to the listener either to accept or judge you. Saying this delicate words implies concern and honesty, not guilt or condemnation. The good things you render never dies.


“I Love You”

A genuine love can utter both “thank you” and “I’m sorry” with complete transparency. These words’ relevance are influenced by a truthful love. The sincere utterance of “I love you” is out from the abundance of your heart. Never give these words without honesty and truthfulness. There’s life in these words.

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These words are worth saying before the year ends. Help uplift and affirm ones value by saying “thank you” Restore disputes and mend stripes by saying “I’m sorry”. Spread peace, hope and happiness by saying “I love you”. It’s not too late to end appropriately the year’s story. Not too early for a bright and promising tale. Close and open the year with thankfulness, forgiveness and love. Let the Reason of the season fills your heart and urges to speak your heart out. He is your mean reason to live.                        MRcEV

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