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“Advise on having a cheater partner” (video)

When you have so much in your heart, may it be pain or happiness releasing it to anyone is of great repose. Taking by yourself all that matters of the heart, will affect the real essence of love. This I speak by experience. This site was made to provide an avenue for anyone to let

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How could love be known when it’s unheard?

When the world has the loudest banging voices and everyone hooked  to it, could you still identify whose not hearing? In life all are known to be selfish. A tendency to be self-centered and self-absorbed. Pre occupied with one’s own feelings, interests, and not minding how others are feeling. What hinders you to listen to

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Is your life in puzzle?

The world has its own way of hooking anyone to confusion. May it be materially, psychologically, socially and even spiritually. Once succumbing, felt overwhelm and forget the inner self.  When trapped, then turn to inculpate the world’s prey. Now you’re finding the self to a total maze. What led you to a puzzled life? What’s

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