Ideals to ponder on same sex marriage


In trying to be different, deeper thoughts need to be tackled. When you’re into significant things around, the self is driven to find the light to share. Finding your truths on these: How much do you love yourself? Why consider same sex marriage? What’s His place in your heart?

I saw how others display their love of self tremendously and notably. No one can question about the degree of it. Only that some made it mistakenly. A self love, lead to selfish love is dangerous. Loving yourself above else must go with loving others as yourself. Why? Because the truth is you can’t live alone. You need someone and something in order to live. Love others the way you love yourself. Means don’t hurt others as much as you don’t want to be in pain. Spread harmony in this creation of life.

How much love you should invest?

Love goes with life and its aim is eternal joy. Invest not in temporal love and pleasures but into lasting relationship and happiness. A greater investment goes beyond what you can simply offer to others. It goes deeper to the stability of ones soul. A love that simply will not lead anyone to damnation. The actions and expressions of your love must not brought condemnation. Invest love by sacrifice for both hearts to find its way to the genuine and legit happiness.


Why consider same sex marriage?

It’s a practice of two people of same sex and gender entered into civil ceremony. You need to fix your heart and mind , that loving yourself is being certain of your own image and selfworth. When life’s tragedies, unfairness and adversities hit you hard, these can change your whole being. A change in your outlooks, preferences, personality, inclinations and desires may happened. The affection to an exact opposite gender was impaired in escape to pain, unfortunate events and brutality being experienced. The fondness to same sex or gender is a result of the unsettled self confidence, sense of belongingness and love attention. Why then settle for affection and intimacy to same gender when there’s always an answer for this? Don’t find your own way, when HE is the ONLY WAY to a lasting happiness. Love yourself by not inflicting endless pain and sin. Love others by rescuing them to a doom of sin.

What’s His place in your heart?

Have you once admire and appreciate your looks and distinct personality? You are patterned in His likeness and it’s a genuine and a privilege. Do you love the Giver of your life, enough not to hurt Him? When you love Him with all your heart and mind, the real essence of love, affection and intimacy overflows and fix what is twisted. The issues of self image can be overcome. Allow His blood to mend the broken parts to fill in the empty corners of your heart. You are created perfectly. His unconditional love will tell you, who you really are. Find the lasting joy in His love. MRcEV


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