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Ideals to ponder on same sex marriage

In trying to be different, deeper thoughts need to be tackled. When you’re into significant things around, the self is driven to find the light to share. Finding your truths on these: How much do you love yourself? Why consider same sex marriage? What’s His place in your heart? I saw how others display their

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Why wearing a mask? In a relationship

The thought of being alone in the midst of multitudes, diverse and strange people troubled your mind. Even mingling to your friends, co workers and family, can’t alter your self. You’ve mastered pretending tremendously. Who are those usually in a mask? What made you hide yourself with a mask? When can you get rid of

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The Enemy Within

Once a prevailing ordinary days… The same people, same places and same self. A routine that could bore a  dashing, sassy lass. A dullsville life enkindle the wolf to engage. Saw it coming, never been bothered,  fascinated even more. Enchanted and enthralled by its flowery language. It enslaved the reasons and empathy within. A once

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