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Advise on: understanding love. Moving on in a failed relationship. (Video)

When it comes to love, it’s hard to comprehend it’s essence. There are different outcomes it brings to a heart who loves. This is the unfold mystery of love. No one can tell how it works amazingly and desperately to anyone. There are those who grave for what it brings, others tremendously glad for it.

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Advise on: Dealing with break ups. (video)

We could not expect a relationship to last as you desire it would be. There are reasons why break ups occur. Though some are not acceptable, still you need to face the ordeal. With this, the heart is the one suffers. Whenever one experience such irresistible and uncontrollable pain, a heart’s refuge is badly needed.

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“Advise on: How to deal with terrible love pain.” Video

When you’re around with people, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s in heartbreak or not. The more if you’re not minding anyone. In this corner I made it sure anyone is given a chance to let their hearts speak in varied ways. A terrible pain of this lady here must be heard and healed. There’s

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