Realization on Covid 19

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Life now a days is so complex. Not one would say the news everywhere never affect and endangered ones life. A mindful citizen will do everything to usher the safety of this humanity. How do you take this covid 19 issues? Have you any realizations with it?

A person (even like me) living in almost 1 kilometer away from a positive infected by this corona virus is expected to get alarm and agitated. You might start digging about this virus to get informed.

To sum up the whole thing, this virus targeted the upper respiratory system first. In the respiratory tract the nasal cavity acts as a filter and traps pollutants and other harmful substances found in the air. Some comes through the mouth. Next the air moves to the Pharynx then to the Larynx which has a special flap that opens and closes. To think that we are in a virus war, it is best to protect these passages first knowing that it stays for a days in there before going down to the Trachea leading to the Lungs.


People of all ages can be infected and so World Health Organization (WHO) advises all to take steps to protect themselves from the virus, by following good hygiene and good respiratory hygiene. You know your own body and you’re aware when the virus starts to get in your nose and mouth. Do your best to guard and destroy while still up there for days. Keep all the passages clean and passable. Protect your nasal cavity to avoid getting colds and your Pharynx and larynx to get sores. There’s no recommendations on how to flush them away and never get the virus a chance to get into the lower respiratory tract where the battle evolves. To date, there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the new virus. However those infected should receive appropriate care to relieve and treat symptoms.

Preparing oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually is a better start of prevention.

What to do when almost all precautionary actions can mean of a little help? The virus is new and different that it needs its own vaccine. In this virus war, have you come to a realizations which you consider essentials at this time in your life?

Realization comes when a negative unexpected circumstances occurs. It’s about time to consider this seriously, if you’re life means a lot to you and your loved ones. Haven’t you given the full measure of taking good care of your body? Are you a good steward of it? That even washing of hands constantly is a joyous act for you. Keeping your airways passable by staying healthy, having enough rest and good exercise.


Realizing to value the presence of your friends and family when social distancing is imposed. Making up with the things you neglect doing on them. To distance yourself physically means you care. Never allow a space of them away in your heart. This virus war crisis will bring your physical, relationship and spiritual into test. The best time of probing your faith. Haven’t you realize minding your Creator? He only knows who’s gonna be infected or spared. Anyone’s task is to trust and surrender everything. In this way you can accept even when this ailment might emerge. Stay connected to the true Warrior and Healer while you are in this battle. Those who keep the faith is the real winner!


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