Are you shielded?

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Anyone has all the chances to get into a circumstances that they greatly dislike and scared of. Now a days, it’s a battle of self between an unknown and strange invader. Fear might affect the challenges of life. How safe are you? What can ease the anxiousness and fears that engulfed you? Are you truly shielded in this battle?

Trying yourself to be untouched and undisturbed is impossible when news everywhere declare the chaos, tragedies and repugnance. People are fighting for life and to survive daily living. Would you dare to fight the unknown enemy? It can’t be denied that you long to rescue, to fight and to win. How safe are you to do it?

You are in a real battle with outside, but inside is a genuine fight as well. The struggles within need to be dealt. You need to be at peace inwardly when the safety outside is hard to achieve. The external fight is an emblem of the reality of life. It’s the internal clash that will lead you to unending life. The battle (pandemic) people are facing made all at risk. The difference is the fight within your soul has an assurance of victory. Which one would you choose to be safe?

What can ease the anxiousness and fears that enslave you? As human, it’s normal to be shaken because you do care and love. Seeing how the news triggered health and brought anyone to expire, made your tender heart to melt and terrified. No one knows better to appease you than the One who been through it and overcome.

In my deepest longings ; searching for my heart’s rescuer,

can’t help but utter: “I will give up soon.”

In my hopeless wonderings; coming now my soul’s lover,

can’t help but declare: ” I will live for you”


To grant smile in my face, You accepted the mocks of the people.

To put answers in my mind, You wore the crown of thorns.

To give strength in my body, You bore the weight of the cross.

To heal the scars in my heart, You endured the nails in your hands.


They played and hurt this feeling that you’ve cared for.

Then  tears of blood overflows; Your arms of love covers,

enough to hear your voice: ” I’m here my child.”

They crushed and torment this soul that you’ve paid for.

Then thunder roars; the wind blows as you come to rescue,

enough to remind me of your promise: “I will never leave you.”

Are you truly been shielded? Does His blood cleanses all the guilt that affect the fight to live? Have you embrace the cross, that bridges you to safety? Does His pain and cries, reach your heart? Does the nails He endured assures you of His love and care? Everything He did is to protect you. Faith on Him is your shield to any battles of life. Dare to take it, now!             MRcEV


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