Mental boosting amidst lockdown

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The days are different when you’re not on your usual routine. When there’s a sudden halt in desired habits, the self is affected. An abrupt change in daily pattern of life is hard to accept. The more when urge to be in lockdown, valuing the self is a must. Why a need to be in lockdown? How does it affect yourself? Does mental boosting cope the lockdown?

The pandemic battle is very evident, this issue keep haunting the government to take an action. Different measures to flatten the curve of infection were rendered simultaneously. An intense and invisible enemy keep threatening and knocking down lives. Mobility suppression is in force as a great option. A means of lockdown is thought to be helpful. Self quarantine could help fight and lessen the foe’s dominion. Would humanity willingly cooperate with this recourse?

How does a lockdown affect yourself? It’s a hard task to impose self isolation when one is used to exercise his freedom freely. To personally accept the challenge, it needs obedience and self will suppression. The whole being is affected by this execution. Economic slump, relationship and mental distress are very prevalent.

Amidst the lockdown, the mind suffer with confusion, fear and agitation. The uncertainty of the crisis flutter the thoughts that endangered oneself. The severity of this rampant disease brings mental torture.

Humanity is known to be a fighter and so boosting inwardly is a way to win this struggles. When alone, start to build up inner self. Do a mind exercise by digging all its questions about life. Utter fully all those cover the whys, how’s, when’s, who’s and what ifs that haunt your mind until your thoughts cleared with negativity. Once you emptied your heart and mind, the Creator will fill it up with good things. Saturate your thoughts with “thank you’s” to what ever comes your way. Start your focus to what is essential for life. Let peace settle in your mind amidst the chaos around.

Let the Creator control your reasons and doubts. Once the mind is filled with peace and love of Him, the mind endured any torment. In order to be strong mentally, you need to learn to be alone and contented with life. Self pity has no room for a renewed fighter. For even a wounded warrior solely persists to live. No lockdowns can shutdown a mind fully surrendered and controlled by the Creator. Enjoy and savor distancing and isolation.

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