Life in a limbo


A lot of questions scramble the mind, confusions, fears and wandering thoughts. Light weighted as if blown empty while roaming in a quarantine abode. Not inspired but obliged and forced to abide for the good of all but endanger the self within. How long could the helpless self endure? Could this limbo be conquered?

It’s not deniable that the world is in complete unforeseeable battle. Anywhere this catastrophe inflects distress to humanity. Economy shattered and families shaken. The government trembles and surrenders its power to fate. Even the self is stricken with undesired restrictions of laws. No one can imposed an absolute answer for escape back to a desired life. With these reality, life of humanity plunged to a limbo.

Life in a limbo is life on ice. It is undetermined, uncertain and deferred life. Everything is on hold; freezed, even your own future and dreams. Losing loved ones and fear of getting caught by this malady engulfed the mind of a helpless mortals. Living alone in self isolation can torture anyone when weak inwardly. How long can the helpless self endure?


Reality in a limbo

The mind has so much to offer when entertain by a faithless reasons.
The thoughts enjoy inflecting fears to a confused heart.
The actions are eager to convey destructions to a fading vigor.
… but hope can still fuels the self when stuck in a limbo.


Could this limbo be conquered? Anyone’s skill and knowledge are not enough for it to banished. Not even by your conscious volition alone can exterminate the affliction. Only One has the sole control to conquer what enslaved humanity. Though it’s unfathomable but it’s believable. It is hopeful and never discouraging. When at the moment you’re caught in a limbo, find and hold on the Light. It will never fade its Light of hope for you. The Light sustains your weaken body resistance and defeat doubts and fears. Keep fighting while clinging to the Light. MRcEV

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  1. 1 Corinthians 13:13. While love might be the greatest of them all, without hope, there is no faith; without faith there can be no love. Cling to hope in all meaningful things in your heart.


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