The latest fashion and beauty trend this pandemic

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This Corona virus thing has made an abrupt change in people’s lifestyles. It affects the way of life because of a great blow to economy. Production and consumers suffer when finances slow down.

The longer this pandemic stays makes fashion and beauty trends evolve. Most of the people will go with comfort and value instead of signature branded clothes and impulses. How far would you be affected? Would you dare adjust and live to it?

This retail reporter Abba Bhattarai; in her Jerusalem post, has significant revelation in this sudden pandemic trend changes. A return to the basics are loading up the retailers. Stocking up plain T-shirts, shorts, jeans, joggers and leggings are among the biggest sellers. Shorter hemlines, that means above the knee fashions. Getting away with maxi dresses and floor- sweeping skirts. More on casual wear with much more mixing and matching between dressing up and dressing down. Hoodies paired with blazer and sweatpants with any comfortable tops. This pandemic made more athletic wear and casual attire visible anywhere. When it’s all about comfort, slippers, snickers and anything flat shoes will do. High heels are way out in facing this crisis.

Note: Photo credits to Maine Mendoza model of Zalora

When people are tend to be cautious and keen to health every expenses is crucial. With this, a shift from cosmetics to skin care products are expected. The demands of face scrubs, body creams, soaps, oils, home scents and hair colors arise. When you’re in use of a face mask, some define their eyes the more. False eyelashes, mascara and eyebrow products jump higher in sales. Eye, hair accessories and caps are more desired when comfort is needed at all times outside home.

A lot has been affected by this Corona virus thing crisis. The fashion and beauty industry giving way for people on meeting their basic needs. By any means, you still have all the reasons to be beautiful and accepted as a real you. A genuine and lasting beauty are those that are unseen but felt. Simplicity still exceed any trends in fashion. Let His beauty be seen in you. Though wearing a protective face mask; never let it hide the beauty within, show your unique smiling eyes and reveal your ‘smize’! Life is still beautiful. MRcEV


Note: Photo credits to Adobe Spark Post application.