Alone in a multitude

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Dealing with depression series.

The world is filled with confusion and diversity. When outside, people flock and uproar the crowded streets. Turning anywhere could not ease your longing to belong. It seems you’re in isolation in a populous locale. Why alone in a multitude? What’s good in isolation? When is your solitude be worthwhile?

Why alone in a multitude? When this pandemic took place, it disturbed greatly the humanity. None of any race can say they are superior and exempted but this made everyone equal. Rich and poor are seen together in need to survive and get safe. This could not change the idea that the crowd actually is a mass of fearful, insensitive, cynical and detached individuals. This made you aware that you are alone even when surrounded with people. The group seems near but actually so far from you. You are left fighting alone in your own self.

Alone Verity

You walked in, joined, and mingled. Still they’re immovable and unmindful. You shout! Cry! Laugh! Distract! Still they’re occupied and heedless.

Tried to be heard but just understood. Persists acceptance still you’re not known. Surrounded by mortals, but just dumbed. Prevent separation still ends to be alone.

What’s good in isolation? Isolation is needed when you’re suffocated with pressures in life. Take solitude as chance to know and love thyself. No one can do better to understand and build you up. Savoring solitude in a positive way. Take this a chance to appreciate the tiniest and simplest things around you. Listen to those sounds and voices that you’re not minding before. Your aloneness is not worst as what others have been through.

When is solitude becomes worthwhile? While in seclusion, never take yourself as empty and loser. When you’re hurting, searching, and in fear it easy to say you’re alone. Just make it sure He is with you in your alone time. Life could be beautiful with Him even when you’re alone. You have given Him a chance to bond and mold you in your solitude. In the midst of the silent multitude, you are there to shine. A minute spent with Him is more than worthwhile. A greatest warrior conquered his towers by his sole inner strength. Alone? No, you’re not truly alone! MRcEV

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