Three things needed this World Suicidal Prevention Day

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We can’t deny the fact that the world is in silent serious ailing. The ailment affecting anyone. It’s very visible how the crisis evolve in the life of an individual. Affecting the physical, social, spiritual and emotional being. The danger is, when it goes beyond suicidal. Why it reaches to Suicidal thing? What could we do to prevent such action?

This day is considered as the world suicidal prevention day. Never in our minds , we think there is such thing taking place in any of our acquaintances. We could not afford knowing and seeing a dear one is in a helpless situation. When it happens, we must have any actions that could usher healing. First it should start in knowing the cause that enslaved the dear one.

Why it reach in suicidal thing?

Suicidal is a thing occurs with a prior unpleasant circumstances and uncontrollable depression. It never just come abruptly. It happens and felt progressively. The sorrow controls the mind and leads to think of an escape. The moaning and groaning of a beaten heart was never heard and got helped. The self is in deepest agony. This is leading to planning the undesirable closure of life.

What could we do to prevent such action?

As concern and loving friend and family, we have the help in this conundrum. These three words are very essential to utter and be heard by both parties.

I’m sorry. First is saying: I’m sorry. Never a situation got this far without hurting the feeling s. The person needs to hear this honestly and sincerely. Saying sorry for the pain that turns to scars. For minding the faults and not the strengths. For being selfish, negligence and demanding huge things. Being sorry can amend the longing heart. It helps release the suffocated mind.

Thank you. Saying this words could divert the focus to positivity. Utter thank you, for staying and bearing with your weakness and unmindful attitude. Thank him for being the reason of your life. A thankful heart can bring back and treasure good memories. Say it always to everyone, to build their longing to belong.

I love you. The greatest and powerful words when said truthfully. These words convey acceptance at all costs. Many are in need to hear of these and need to feel it’s genuinity. We have the mandate to show and let it be known. Empower yourself with this love from the Master before enabling to share it to others. Many utter these words in shallow reflections from words to actions. It made the heart wanting it’s real essence in one’s life.

Anyone can save someone getting to end his life by showing trueness of love. Remember, you are slave to suicidal state if God’s unconditional love was unfelt. Let’s fill the world with His love , when we still have the time. Be saturated with His love to freely share it. Let others live now… by His love! MRcEV ❤️

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