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Three things needed this World Suicidal Prevention Day

We can’t deny the fact that the world is in silent serious ailing. The ailment affecting anyone. It’s very visible how the crisis evolve in the life of an individual. Affecting the physical, social, spiritual and emotional being. The danger is, when it goes beyond suicidal. Why it reaches to Suicidal thing? What could we

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How responsible lover are you?

When love month comes, effervescent people are everywhere. This livened the hearts while striking the heartsick. These feelings always evident on this love season. Anyone has all the chances to love and be loved. Would you take the risk of loving? If so, how responsible lover are you? I’ve seen the extents of the consequences

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Words worth saying before the year ends

There’s an end for anything that fully exists. End comes because of impermanence. The transience of life and happiness. The world made anyone subject for temporality. With this, would you desire to leave a legacy? As the year “2019” soon to end, what something you want to be remembered?  Something valuable you want to say?

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