Is your life in puzzle?


The world has its own way of hooking anyone to confusion. May it be materially, psychologically, socially and even spiritually. Once succumbing, felt overwhelm and forget the inner self.  When trapped, then turn to inculpate the world’s prey. Now you’re finding the self to a total maze. What led you to a puzzled life? What’s puzzling you? What’s a baffled life? Any way out ?

What’s puzzling you?

The question that can be answered with the reasons of the mind and the motives of the heart. You cannot think hard about something difficult to understand if that thing never reaches  your heart. An enigma that inundates your self for an answers.

You allow that thing to control your desires and satisfy your longings. Nothing can baffle your head if you never allow that thing to enter in. Once seeing something, succumbing to it and capitulate, you are now entrapped.  Yield to its power!

You are in puzzle!

The lust of the eyes can bemuse you. The desires of your heart brings confusions. The cravings of the things in your life  and its impact can bewilder your simple journey.  Anything around you can bring you to a maze.

You are living in a world full of lies and truths.

Life itself is a puzzle. You are puzzled by your own heart. 

Perplex by the one piece missing in there. Without finding that piece your life is totally shattered. A thought that brings enigma to anyone.


What led you to a puzzled life?

Two things are the sole influencers leading to a puzzled life.  Outside and inside forces in you.  The world is filled with grand, glimmering, alluring things and people  enticing anyone leading to a maze. 

Your work and your dreams can baffle your focus in life.

Your family and friend’s demands can make a real jigsaw puzzle. 

Added to the confusion is your own needs and desires.

These bring you to a middle of a maze and finding a way is a must in your life.

Life could never be exciting if you got all the answers.

Life could never be rewarding if you are stagnant and dull.

These things and people that cause pain, troubles, problems and sorrows are the piece of puzzles in your life. They need to fit in to be part of it. Even yourself has a piece liable to your own happiness.

Follow where they lead you but be the one to solve the pieces of puzzles in your life.


What’s a baffled life? Any way out?

Baffle is referring to a  force that triggered and stirred a motionless thing. A baffled life has something unexplained occurrence that would disconcert you.

Would the dearest people in your life startle your focus?

Is your dreams and expectations frightens and weakens your strength?

A puzzle needs a focus and clever mind. It also needs an understanding and a keen heart. A puzzled life is a sign of brokenness and incompleteness.  There is chaos and indirection. You are trap in an oblivion wandering.

Yet, there are always pieces of answers in a puzzled life.

Can anyone help solve the puzzle?

You might be broken into pieces but you are meant to be whole.

He completes the puzzle in your life.

No other way and no other can. He fits exactly in your life.

He is the only answer, the piece that solves the problems in your life.

The piece that lightens the loads in your mind. 

The piece that soothes your longing hearts.

The piece that even prepares answers for another jigsaw puzzle you will dare to take.  Would you allow Him to solve the puzzles in your life?

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