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Advice on: What to do when alone and lonely. (video)

There’s a time in man’s life that he has to face everything on his own. This is the time to be alone is most to be considered. Others may think it could be dreadful to live alone. It would lead to loneliness for them. In here, a friend shared how being alone is not a

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Advise on: Dealing with Oldies and when you’re getting old. (Video)

Sunset brings a lot of mysteries. Life is likened to this sunset as closure of the day. This should be given a significant part to anyone’s stages of life. Here once again, we have a loving daughter who loves a dearest mom and give her all to care for her. May we share this amazing

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What is Life When Sunset Comes?

Life has its beginning and end. Same as it shows that there is black and white. So as the creation, everything works and take a rest. The Sun is no exemption, as others would say: ” it rested during sunset”. There are reasons in every activity though confusing, yet well cherished. In a day there

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