The clashing of truth and lies

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Life has always been considered as a battle to be won. The birth alone consumes a laborious fight for life. A mother’s commendable effort is a pursuit to live up to vitality of life. Even in this quest there is a clashing forces for life. The forces come in so many forms but in a single aim of conquering even if it could destroy life.

Man’s superiority is in vast form. It is pretty obvious from birth to adulthood. There is dominance in control over nature, animals and over humanity. This man’s dominion brought chaos to what was once been freedom to celebrate life.

In the quest of power, humanity venture to the extremity that even twisting the truth is a must. It took hold to any forms of lies just to meet the goals of satisfaction and superiority. This is evident even in the primary core which is the family. Inside this divinely designed relationship ties, lies can still cover up the truthfulness of love. The members allow sin to enter and ruin the desired union He had created. Even an innocent love was shattered by lies when one give an entry hole for it. Could we all blame it to Adam and Eve?

When the primary element which is the family can be deflected, how much more the larger community? You can see the world battling with lies which greatly inflicted lives. From the third world countries to the powerful, still the search for truth is crucial. Finding the culprit and it’s cure has been a dilemma for this pandemic (corona virus). The truth behind is beyond grasp if you dig into what is being revealed. The clashing of truth and lies mostly dominant in the government. The twisted truth in the governance law implementations, electoral proceedings, and acquiring of power and wealth. Citizens around the world rallying for freedom, justice and constitutional rights. Leaders are aiming to govern and impose the New World Order. The truth behind globalization, socialism and even communism might be hidden yet very clear to one who is keen to perceive its lies. Are all these signs of the end times?

Indeed the truth will strongly prevail. The principles and methods in acquiring vary but beyond reach. The God of order holds the supreme truth. It might take handful of tears and complete exhaustion in this quest of truth and even go beyond life sacrifice but always the truth will set you free. No measures of lies can defeat what He already destined. Wait for the huge overwhelming revelations of truth that every family and the whole world are entitled to know. It takes one race, one nation, and one person to be an instrument in divulging a fraud. Are you in it?

Lies can never be kept for long and truth will always shine in darkness. The God of truth has His eyes on one battling on defending the truth. The truth in which our faith fathers and patriots been fighting remain as pillars to uphold humanity’s freedom. This is possible because there are people who strongly believe in the supremacy of God’s words as the guiding light of the heart and mind. Are you one of them? take your side now and stand true to it! MRcEV

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