What is Christmas this pandemic? An advise on: How to have a simple and meaningful Christmas.

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Holiday season is so near and can’t be stopped. When asked, others will say they don’t feel it’s coming. The urge and yearning for the celebration was not the same as last year. With the presence of pandemic, everyone would really be observing it differently.

What would Christmas be like this pandemic times? Of course, it will be a unique commemoration of the blessed birth of the Savior. Expect less of gatherings and hanging out but a simple get together at a distance. This would make it more meaningful than the previous one.

Get a glimpse of an enlightenment on how to have a simple yet meaningful Christmas. Upon watching this video, may the ideas illumine your heart and mind. In this your Christmas would still be a joyous and wonderful memories that linger for years in your life.

Whatever circumstances you have, never let them control and ruin your life. This pandemic will come to pass and should not drives you away from His love. It could not even wreck the simplicity of the manger. It’s meaning lives on to keep you holding on in life. MRcEV