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The deception scheme of the beast: Baal / Zionism! (Occultism/religion part 1)

From the very beginning, in search of world dominance, there are groups of people inclined themselves to the dark side of life. There’s no contentment, they aimed more of control and so these people traded their souls to the devil in exchange for world power. The world is run by Lucifer/Satan who works great evil

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Do not be deceived: Strengthen your defenses (Beginning of the end)) part 1

One thing I could remember as a child raised in a Christian family, is the joy seeing people and be with them worshipping together in the church. In those times, life is uncomplicated with simple things easily made you laughed. The church’s idea of Christianity was a result of the unselfish ministry of the foreign

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Beyond what you’ve seen and heard

Life is somewhat perplex so much more now a days. The world can baffle anyone when not stable in his dealings. There’s a great difference evolving at present. Compared to the days decades ago, is so alarming. It is evident in terms of freedom, political, social, economic, communication and educational systems. Sometimes, we are tempted

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