Beyond what you’ve seen and heard

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Life is somewhat perplex so much more now a days. The world can baffle anyone when not stable in his dealings. There’s a great difference evolving at present. Compared to the days decades ago, is so alarming. It is evident in terms of freedom, political, social, economic, communication and educational systems. Sometimes, we are tempted to go back to its simplicity when triggered by the dangers of these changes that have brought to humanity. The reality is upon reach by one’s own ears and eyes. What’s beyond everything you saw and heard? Are you unmindful, deceived or totally blinded?

The fact is you are facing your own battles. Your own heart struggles with the people you loved, and the strive for the family’s daily survival and existence are controlling your own world of concerns. You’re fighting the inside and the outside threats rolled into one. The other side of life is part to be conquered too. You’re facing the great demands in this world. The vast news and issues tell it all.

The eyes can’t hide the tears seeing how humanity suffered affliction from different forms of powers. You have seen oppressions, harassments, and greedy control of leaders to followers and from both ordinary and privileged citizens. It’s hard not to hear different voices of truth and lies. Have you seen how this pandemic affected and made life miserable? Have you heard world issues that triggered liberty and freedom? What’s this world elites pursuing for a New World Order, the Globalists and this Pilgrim Society? The strive for great World Reset and the idea of Antichrist evolution? The manipulation of the big technology in social media engagement and how internet impacted humanity is beyond dismay.

Beyond what you have seen and heard is a truth and lies. the covering of truth and complete exposure of lies. The power of lies continues to impact the minds of vulnerable citizens. In this new era, it’s about the battle of good and evil, the left and the right, the light and darkness, hatred and love. The weapon goes directly to the mind and heart, infiltrating the ideology within. A legal, media and psychological warfare as what Joshua Philipp (an investigative journalist) explained. “Psychological warfare, altering how you interpret information in their gain (your mind and heart by injecting fear). Media warfare, manipulation or control of outlets of information. Legal warfare, manipulation of international legal systems (imposing just one world voice). ” At the end all will follow with own volition as what been planned.

Targeting the reasons of self will to take one side away from the truth in His word (Bible). Twisting and breaking the law and even dismantling the Constitution right before the eyes of a law abiding individuals. This is a result of an intensive, rigid long study of a known world political party with an aim of world sovereignty.

Hearing and seeing all these can tremble a weak faithless one. This pandemic did not happen without a reason. The prevalent world chaos in all forms took place a well planned plot long before in your silence. Would you just minding your own struggles and pain than tending also to the huge battle of humanity? Would you just watch the democracy and freedom fell down and the biblical truths wrecked? Would you just witness a last nation which is the world’s beacon of peace, hope and liberty be destroyed? What should a helpless and wavering citizen tend to do? Would you start minding not just your world within but the outside reality as well? Would you equipped yourself with His word as well as world news and facts to weigh and strengthen your faith?

When all these can affect your cherish future and your beloved family, strive to be truthful. The Lord of order and truth has His eyes on you. If this is paving for the end to come, the Lord will have His loving hands ready to protect His children. Always be inspired to obey and immerse in His presence. For a single doubt of His truth will open doors for the enemy in your life. Keep strengthening your defense against the invisible enemy’s warfare, by putting on the armor of faith. For the battle within is huge when alone and away from the Lord. From now on make up your mind to let the King of truth and the Lord almighty control your heart and mind to the fullest. Let Him be your defense from all infiltrating arrows targeting your heart and mind. Beyond what you fearfully hear and see is a great loving God. MRcEV