“Advice on : Dealing with fear of Covid 19.” Faith over fear (Video)

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Humanity has gone to so much struggles , some are unnoticed but mostly are evident. Could it be just part of life’s journey or a result of a dominion of a greater host’s aim of power and control? One of the great enemy is fear. It’s so powerful that goes deeper inside us and change everything around us.

We should not forget that in every limited understanding and unanswerable questions, there is God who controls and cares to this human race. In every body suffering there’s an end. In every fear there’s a hero to turn to.

Reaching the heart ministry will try to calm the heart of a fearful seeker of peace and healing. As you watch, may you feel the message of hope presented. The hope found not in what the world will give but to the real hope been given long time ago as the Bible reveals.

This is the link of the article ” Are you shielded? https://inspirationalkin.com/2020/04/07/are-you-shielded/