Ending 2020 and facing 2021. The best thing to do.

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It’s hard to feign the real feelings this whole year has caused to anyone’s life. We started the year with different problems that tremble everyone and made worldwide headlines.  There were wildfires, outbreaks, natural disasters and even deaths of prominent legends. There was Iran_US conflict, Ukrainian plane crashed, and volcano eruptions. The greatest battle is the emergence of this pandemic. Are we wholeheartedly just close the year? Any mandate to be done before it’s closure? Are we ready to face the challenges of the coming year?

Admittedly, this year has so much in stored already. Closing it’s page is needed, get inspired on browsing the next sheet. Life must move on. Though this year brought pain, breaking families and dreams, there’s still good on it to look back with. In every adversaries there’s a mediator and in every ordeals there’s a refuge.

Take this a chance to get aware and be enlightened. Upon watching, may you take a moment to appreciate what life has brought you this entire year. Take a glimpse of its life lessons and take chances for improvements.


There’s so much to be thankful in life. His goodness covers the slightest cries of a baby. Goes beyond the sobbing of a beaten mother. The year has to end regardless of your circumstances. Say “I’m sorry” as untying yourself from the past realities. Be willing to say “Thank you” , in-spite of everything that happened. Utter “I love you” and be rekindled in welcoming the new year. Remember as love is evident, hope always abounds. In His presence, end and start the year right.     MRcEV