Uncertainty in relationship… what to do?


Life is full of uncertainties, and with that most are in search for a lasting happiness. We may thought life is unfair and for some it’s generous. In this unpredictable life puzzles it’s easy to surrender. When nothing is left but just a sigh of disbelief and regrets, will there still be a hope?

We have in here a heart that’s living in a limbo relationship. Uncertainties in life don’t mean you’re giving up in problem solving. This is the best time to refocus. In this video, we presented a hope in every questions found only in Christ Jesus. May you find relief in your heart as you watch and take time to reconsider renewing and evaluating your commitment.

Uncertainties have many reasons of occurrence. It’s for you to get ready and strengthen your self when it come to knock you down. Life in a limbo is without guidance and leading of the Lord. Turn to Jesus all that cause the turmoil of your heart and mind. Love should be lived and given simply without expectations. Uncertainties in relationship means a divided commitment. For a heart that truly love will ever assure you of his undying loyalty. Take an option if you’re not not been considered existing in a relationship. The Lord has all the answers prepared for you. Always be uplifted, be inspired and be happy.

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2 comments on “Uncertainty in relationship… what to do?”

  1. I like your views about what I just read in your article about uncertainties. But what you missed out, I think are Biblical passages for hope and encouragement.
    God’s Word is a consistent force of sustenance in our lives in the midst of uncertainties, disorder and confusion. Sometimes, it might be the only thing that gets you through but it will always get you through. But overall, thank you for sharing. God bless

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    1. Thanks my friend. I appreciate so much sharing of your thoughts. The video is highlighted in this writing. The Biblical ideas were presented in a unique ways. It will never be missed out in this platform. More blessings to you.


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