Taken for granted? ( Your worth and value)

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For a certain time you are unnoticed by people dear to you could trigger bizarre thoughts in you. How much more when ignored for days, weeks, and years? This strange treatment is undeniably disheartening. What are the causes of taking someone for granted? Could these affect your worth and value as person?

Everyone needs an attention and a care, the need that is vital for life. The situation where effects of pandemic are visible, made the self so much to be recognized. Attention is something you need to be vitalized and something you give to affirm one’s part in your life. Attention is a must to be given to your family, friends, the essential things, the needy, and the one dear to your heart. What triggered to get away the focus of one’s attention from you?

First and foremost you focus your whole being to someone and to something that you consider part of you. That thing or one that you can’t live without or life is lacking apart from them. You pamper, put them in pedestal. Give your best efforts to stand by them and keep them. But when undesired expectations happened, they refocus and turned everything worthless. Expectations can cause one’s attention away.

In your hierarchy of needs, you base your attention. Your wants and necessities affect the way you treat others. When problems, pressures, needs and poverty evolved you can easily neglect those part of your life. It maybe reasonable for you but the attention they deserve is much more important too. It’s not only you who has a problem and wants, everyone has. It’s not an escape to take other’s feelings for granted. There might be reasons why your presence is not important but having it as always and even days, weeks, and years mean a huge red flag. Once you became an option and not ca priority, love then can be altered and was not completely given to you. When this happened don’t expect a full attention from them because you’re just a secondary choice.

Could this affect your worth and value as person? You can’t find your worth to anyone. Your value doesn’t defend on other’s confirmation. If it does, then your life will be dependent on them and will be affected by even simple actions rendered to you. You can give your best of love and service to others, to people you loved but never forget to leave a part to yourself. Your self deserve your full attention than from anybody else.

If all show you’re nothing to them, Jesus always says you’re much valuable to Him and worth fighting for. Remember, it cost s His life to defend and redeem you from those forsakers. Empty your heart from those forbidden invaders, find refuge and strength to Jesus who never neglects you. You matters to Him in every seconds and minutes of your life. Turn and love Him now! MRcEV

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