Advice on: Things to consider on the final day before saying “Ido”

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There’s one thing in one’s life that you’ve been longing to happen especially for women. This very day “a wedding” in which she can bring to reality her dream of event coverage and entourage. This final day before the closure of her single life, is a very crucial in her love journey.

In here is a sender who longs to be heard and be encouraged for this great day of her life. A heart must seek confirmation from the real giver of love. A guidance and anointing of the heart from the king of love.

In this crucial journey of love there’s no turning back whenever you’ve missed His will in your life but just a pack of bags of memories will be left. Anything can be avoided, can be given a good and lasting ending if you started it right from the start. Let us be prayerful as we watch this video. Pray for every hearts out there that they soon going to unite and find the essence of marriage. With this, our world will be filled with loving couples raising a wonderful families.

This platform will try to bring your heart closer to Jesus. Let us give chances to every opportunities where we could extend a ministry of reaching any weary hearts. Everyone is welcome to open, share and allow Him to work in an empty and crushed heart. There’s more He can do to anyone once He fills it with His love.

Be inspired, be uplifted and be happy always!

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