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Becoming a martyr in a relationship: what to do?

So much in life bring so much stress in a relationship. Though not been observed at the first steps into marriage by others but for some it’s already visible at the start of it. Haven’t you really wonder about the true colors of this union? Marriage was defined in so many ways based on one’s

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Advice on: Things to consider on the final day before saying “Ido”

There’s one thing in one’s life that you’ve been longing to happen especially for women. This very day “a wedding” in which she can bring to reality her dream of event coverage and entourage. This final day before the closure of her single life, is a very crucial in her love journey. In here is

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Advice on: Dealing with an abusive and irresponsible partner.

Life consists with good and bad people. Either way around, you are into any of their relationships. Though regrets come at the end, yet all been unnoticed at the start of one’s journey. A heart in here shares same dilemma in relationship. Good that she opens and let her heart speaks to us. Taking time

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