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The occurrence of “the Beast” and it’s markings! (Part 1)

Know the unknown, see the unseen and hear the unheard! A phrase speaks that there are occurrences of bizarre things around. An event which has been told long ago in the scripture and now are evident. Biblical prophecies are unfolding to one who’s willing to know, see and hear the truths as revealed. Haven’t you

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The last kingdom within humans: Mixed with Iron and Clay (transhumanism)

When the world is filled with what is insane and makes no sense, let the Lord come to you and show you the way. This world was totally been corrupted by the emergence of technology. The hybrids descendants of Niphilims (Sons of God) and the Edomites bloodlines continuously manipulating inventions till it reaches to very

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The rise and fall of the beastly kingdom  ( end time series)

Now a days if you’re just mindful you would say  that life would never be the same again to it’s original state. We are watching daily what is taking place right in our faces. How  the evil ones have tried to keep all truth hidden but obviously seen and felt. They have hidden our past,

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