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Transhumanism: A portal of the beast.

The year onwards is so challenging not only because technology evolved so much but of things unimaginable to comprehend. If you were able to see the huge human manipulations it would bring you horror or a great warning . Haven’t you wonder were all these technology invasions heeding to? Haven’t you see Hollywood movies unfolding

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“Transhumanism” is welcome in the church! (A Commentary)

It has always been an issue of dominance and control of the state and church since then and now. Separation of church and state which is keeping the government out of the church dealings or keep the church out of the government’s business! This has been bypassed and ignored now a days the government overpowered

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Walk like Enoch in this hybrids end times generation.

When technology is emerging the one thing being compromised is the values of humanity. Personal and family’s morals are at stake. Man’s quest for fame, wealth and power can become his downfall. Haven’t you wonder if these could be used by the enemy to invade humans and establish his kingdom inwardly? The clashing of kingdoms

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